"State Street Ballet is accessible and extremely professional, on and off the stage. Everyone from the dancers to the crew has a can-do attitude. Rodney Gustafson sets an example for Art Directors. ...Because our schools have no performing arts component, State Street Ballet offers opportunities to introduce kids to dance."

—Marsha Debares Redlands Bowl,
Redlands, CA



State Street Ballet believes that dance inspires life. Every day we reach out to people of all ages to make ballet accessible and fun. We believe that introducing people to dance at a young age inspires life-long participation in arts of all kinds. Through exceptional programming and intensive community engagement, State Street Ballet is driven to be an essential asset both to our own community and to communities everywhere.

With a strong touring track record boasting a 90% rebooking rate, we are devoted to serving mid-size communities that are often left out of major tours, and that do not have the benefit of their own dance company. We are committed to providing a variety of options for every community to attract a broad range of audiences, particularly for people who would otherwise miss out.

In addition to major performances, State Street Ballet is available for week-long residencies. Our residency programming bolsters the benefits offered by presenters to their communities.

State Street Ballet’s touring and residency offerings include:

  • Fully-staged Performances
  • Theater Outreach (Includes a 45-minute Performance, Q&A, Interactive Demonstrations, and Study Guides)
  • School Outreach (includes 25-minute Mini Performance, Q&A, and Interactive Demonstrations)
  • Dance Studio Outreach (Includes Staging a Production featuring 20-40 Dancers from the Community, and Master Classes)


Teachers click here to download the PDF of Cinderella Outreach Curriculum:

Cinderella Outreach Curriculum for April 7th, 2017